complex simplicity

Who Are We?
SchwaTech LLC is a mechatronics, robotics and automation engineering company to produce innovative solutions. Its name comes from schwa + tech. Schwa refers to Azerbaijani letter “ə” which sounds like [æ] in International Phonetics Alphabet, which represents the technology company which offers engineering solutions from Azerbaijan. 
Engineering is application of science to human needs. Recently, as a result of the recent advances in technology, there is a great need for engineering companies that can provide innovative solutions. And now we can’t describe innovations without mechanics, electronics and programming.  Mechatronics is the point where these fields are combined.  Robotics and automation are the fields that are specifically in our services area. 


Our Mission
Need is born of a problem. Idea is developed by the people who has creative approach to understand the need well enough. Of course, idea is irreplaceable, worthy element. However, if that is not been valued in time, it is not possible to gain benefit from it. As an engineering company, our mission is to build the bridge for human needs from idea to mass production with a modernist approach.


Our Vision

Galaxies in universe, planets in galaxies, moons around the planets, chemical reactions, physical transmissions, in a word, a complex system. However, all of this complexity looks simple to the eye. Inspiring from this point of view, our priority is presenting complex engineering solutions in a simple manner. We don’t see engineering just as giving solutions to problems, it is also converting complex solutions to the simplest case. Thanks to this point, our customers profit its simplicity regardless of complexity.


Specialized Fields

Electrical and internal combustion motors

Dynamic systems (transportation, robotics, equipment)

Transmission systems

Battery systems

Consumer electronics

Electronic circuit design

Electronics heating and cooling systems

Metering systems

Sensor systems

High-level and low-level programming

Wired and wireless communication systems

Alternative and renewable energy systems