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Manufacturing optimization


You can share your thoughts what you need, what can be solution for a problem. Or talk to us about what problem you have met and let us offer a solution. Of course, we are so sensitive to your ideas.

For this reason, we sign non-disclosure agreement for protecting ideas private. Additionally, in case of partnership you are the owner of whole the project and patents. You don’t have any dependence from us. -Research;

The functionality of the result product, similar products in the market, specifications for competing and customer demand are defined, production options are explored. -Concept; In this step we define the fundamental characteristics of your idea. This characteristics helps us to clarify how to realize your idea and which functions will must be in your product. -Design və simulation; Information like the design of the product, conformity to your idea, reaction to situation and etc. is clarified. Simulation give a chance to us to see how it works and eliminate the problems can be in real. -Engineering calculation; Dimensions of the product, effectiveness, efficiency and other mathematical points are calculated and made results exact with numbers. -Prototyping; Making prototypes helps us to view the real condition of example. From this point of view prototyping is in our services list as an important point. -Testing; In this step the conformity of calculations to protoype are checked and tested and look over the use of product. If there will be any error, new prototype will be designed and the problems of last example will be solved. -Final sample delivery. After testing process the final prototype will be delivered to you. So you can view and use the real sample product.